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Gifts From Deez Hands in Rosedale,New York was formed in 2012 is owned and operated by Deirdre Fields-Wilson. "We Light And Reflect Your Way To Beautiful Gifts". It is our goal to service our community with the most unique and quality gifts available at the best possible price. TEDDEEZtm Lamps original collage design is an idea conceived by both Ted and Dee, husband and wife team. Our Lamps are more than twenty years old while our TEDDEEZtm Mirrors are two years old. Both lamps and mirrors are handmade with love. Not just collage, now we adorn TEDDEEZtm Gifts with African print, mud cloth and brocade fabrics in our designs. Then we accessorize with Adinkra symbols, cowrie shells, sea shells, colorful stones, elephants and more.

The Akan people of Ghana are one of the largest ethnic groups of West African people. The translation of the word Adinkra means “a message one gives to another when departing.” Adinkra symbols have various meanings and different levels to their interpretation. You can learn more about Adinkra symbols by purchasing, “The Adinkra Dictionary”, by W. Bruce Willis. Cowrie shells were once used for bartering and trade in central Africa and other areas.

Symbolic products can send excellent messages to the receiver and spark wonderful and informative conversation. For example TEDDEEZtm Black Gold collage lamp speaks volumes on both sides. Positive verbal vibes on one side and the ANKH symbol of eternal life on the opposite side and on the Shade. Symbol description cards are included. Designing a lamp can take one day or as with a collage, several months. We have a very wide selection of styles and colors with our gifts. You are welcomed to bring us your own fabric print if you like.

Stop by and visit our showroom, by appointment only please!

Since all of our products are handmade, shipping can take from ten to fifteen days, so please shop accordingly.

Many of TEDDEEZtm lamps are multisided (distinctly different on each side) and all come with a beautiful matching shade. Lamps are hand-signed, have a glass base, stand 18”-24”, and use a 60 watt bulb.

Each lamp comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Many lamps are not reproduced and others are limited editions. All come with a beautiful matching shade. But no two are exactly the same. TTMAMs (TEDDEEZtm Turn Me Around Mirrors), were created to enhance our self-image, and to feed continuous affirmations to our minds daily. Each is also unique unto itself. You can get one for mom that has an acronym for Mother on it. Or a zodiac sign, poem or an affirmation to your liking. We can customize with your own saying and colors for your group of organization.

TEDDEEZtm Gifts are original and constantly changing. When you see it, buy it because it may not be available again.

Gift giving is a regular occurance, housewarmings, baby showers, birthdays, weddings and holidays in general, so it is our pleasure to make available to our customers a variety of wonderful gift items for any age, any gender, any occasion.

Browse our website for a choice selection of gifts and have fun shopping, thanks for stopping by.

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