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I purchased my beautiful lamp 20 years ago!!! The craftsmanship and quality signifies Dee's love of our culture. Til this day I still treasure this lamp and display it with much pride. I look forward to making another purchase from DEEZ HANDS.
Karin, Customer
Beautiful craftsmanship....Eclectic and Vivid creations that feel personally made for you.....I bought them as gifts and had to keep one for myself .....and buy another one!
Tasha Butler, Customer
If you want original gifts for friends, family, co-workers, associates and any one in between then www.GiftsFromDeezHands.com is definitely the place to shop. I personally have several products purchased from her store and they are second to none. However, one of my favorite products is a beautiful lamp that I absolutely love. Now you may think to yourself what's so special about a lamp? Well let me tell you, this lamp is covered in an absolutely stunning purple fabric, with gold trimming. But to put the icing on the cake it has beautiful pictures of my daughter, my husband and myself right on the lamp. Now that's what makes the lamp so special! Where else can you find customized lamps that will light up any room and is made to your specification? Her products are original and HAND CRAFTED, she has products for every, and any occasion. And if you want more than that you can even receive a history lesson on the materials the products are made from. With Gifts From Deez Hands why shop anywhere else is the real question you should be asking yourself and anyone else?
Kim Boyd, Student
We LOVE Your Lamps!

Sister Deirdre,

Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa!

We bought the gold and black lamp you made for us earlier in the month, and my wife bought me the Garvey Dreamer lamp as a Christmas gift. We JUST unwrapped both lamps and LOVE THEM!! Wow! You did an AWESOME job!

My mouth hit the floor when we saw our pictures on the gold and black lamp and the outfits you made for us. It is so beautiful! Your creativity is AMAZING. And the collage on the Garvey lamp is just... breathtaking! It sits proudly on my desk in my home office.

I just had to write to let you know how much we love your lamps. Thank you for making our Christmas extra special.

Much love,

Delxino Wilson de Briano
TAG TEAM Marketing International, Inc.
Delxino Wilson de Briano, Tag Team Marketing Inc.
I have purchased several great items from "Gifts From Deez Hands" Most of the items were gifts and each person complimented on how unique the gift was. I can truly say that each gift was customized for each person, I enjoy shopping at "Gifts From Deez Hands" because it is accessible, affordable, local delivery if needed, and each item is made with love.
My most recent purchases are the mirrors, as gifts and they are so beautiful because they speak to each person I have given it to. I have a mirror in my bathroom where we as females visit often with touch ups, and things. My mirror speak to me every morning and every night because of the inscription which says, "Turn Me Around To Gaze on The God In You"! Can you image anything more beautiful than to think about the God in you every morning and every night? It makes me reflect at the beginning of each day and retiring each night. It is awesome feeling to think of the God in me at these times and making me reflect on His goodness of just keeping me alive!
I will do my Kwanzaa shopping from my personal gift store called "Gifts From Deez Hands". I feel so special there! If you shop there you will be treated special also.

Thanks to Dee from the bottom of a grateful heart!
Your satisfied customer, Joann McClam
Joanne McClam, Customer

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Gifts From Deez Hands in Rosedale, NY would like to share customer testimonials from people who are passionate about our TEDDEEZ products.

“I love my Gorgeous Red Lamp! It’s beautifully and skillfully collaged with great images of extraordinary black women. When I look at the images I see a reflection of myself. It is more than a lamp…it’s a piece of treasured artwork.”
– Lisa-Erika James Teacher

“I have an outstanding “Mud Cloth” lamp, amazingly made out of what I believe is a mayonnaise jar. Weeks later I was fortunate enough to buy a pillow with a similar design. However, I am truly inspired to say that this one small lamp really enhances my quest room. Thanks to Dee, she has been blessed with a gift from God, a unique gift in designing afro centric artifacts”
– Bobbie Barton St. Paul’s Church

"Dee Fields is divinely gifted to create the beautiful works of art that she shares with the public. I own three lamps that Dee created and I am always amazed by the intricacy, the attention to detail and the beauty of her work. Dee is a dedicated artist whose message about culture and integrity comes through clearly with every piece of work she creates. Her lamps rival any that can be found in the White House or Buckingham Palace and it is an honor to own them. They make great gifts. I bought one for my friend’s 60th birthday and she called me to tell me how much she loves her lamp and will treasure it. They are priceless because of the love and attention that Dee puts into each one and because of the beauty they bring to their space."
- Patricia T. Warner   covenant7.com

"Dee your lamps are tight. Extremely well done, beautiful packaging, and I love that Certificate that comes with it." 
- Zee Hair Ties specialist

"I bought two of your lamps as gifts but that one called Back 2 Back, I just can't part with it. So I have to buy another one to give away."
- Ms. Jones Strong Supporter

"My brother loves cultural gifts, I can't wait to show him your Black Man Is King lamp, and he’s going to love it." 
- Karen Paralegal

"These lamps are handmade; you can't find them in the stores. Do you want a pair of new lamps, just call Dee. I know because she made my lamps. You have to see them bright and colorful and very, very different." 
- Mignon Mom

 "I hope it is not too late to send a note of thanks to you for my purchase (The Way We Were). I get so many compliments on my lamp and the lampshade that you made for me. I thank you for the knowledge that you instilled in me and pray that it stays with me forever. Here is a message that I saw and want to  share with family and friends -- Planted firmly in the ground and it shall survive with bountiful and beautiful blooms!! It takes time to cultivate a good friendship Im glad ours has its roots."
- Sophia Cosmetologist

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