All TEDDEEZ Gifts are HANDMADE, therefore, shipping on some items may take up to thirty days. Please shop accordingly!
Work In Progress Lamp collage
Collage Lamp with expressions of a couples Love growth.
Real Love Lamp collage
Collage Lamp with expressions of Love
A Vital Message Lamp
Conversational Lamp with a message.
Beige Ankh Elephant Mud
Mudcloth Lamp with Ankh symbol.
All Decked Out Red Lamp multiside
This Handsome mud cloth n red lamp is great for men or women.
Black White Elegance Set
Elegant black n white lamp set.
Bride and Groom Set
Wedding gift lamp for bride and groom.
3t Hor Unity mudcloth
3 Tone Mud cloth lamp with unity symbol.
My First Lamp multisided blue
My First Lamp stores babies tooth, hair, photo and word.Great gift for baby...
Light up your party with Ciroc Lamp.
Sparkling Africa mudcloth
Sparkling Rust color mudcloth lamp.
3t Hor Cowry Flower mudcloth
3 Tone Mudcloth lamp with cowrie shells.
In The Beginning
Mud cloth lamp has multicolor Africa's all over.
Getting lit up is absolutely only a click away.
Legends Of Jazz
Great Legends Of Jazz artist that peak an interest?
Black Gold Lamp multisided
Beautiful collage lamp representing the best in each of us.
The Wedding Gift 1 8pc Lamp Set
Beautiful gift for your entire Wedding Party.
Everyone in the room will be lit up.
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TEDDEEZ Lamps are 18"h unless otherwise noted. Beverage Lamps vary in height according to bottle type. Lamp shades on beverage lamps are clip on and vary according to availability. All lamps have a glass base and use a 60 watt bulb. FYI(