All TEDDEEZ Mirrors are handmade, each mirror is adorned in African print fabric and then accessorized with combinations of Adinkra symbols, cowrie shells, sea shells, elephants and or colorful stones. Backgrounds come in a variety of neon colors including, green, yellow, orange, blue and pink. We cannot guarantee exact colors due to fabric availability and color flucuation. We reserve the right to replace orders with a similar product likeness. Please call if you do not want a substitute. Each mirror comes in a gift box for your convenience.
A Sagacious Women yellow
Mirror affirms A Sagacious Woman!
An Awesome Gift From GOD yellow
Mirror Says Gaze On An Awesome Gift From GOD.
A Lovely Daughter yellow
"A Lovely Daughter", yes you are!
A Phenomenal Woman yellow
"A Phenomenal Woman" that's you!
GODs Greatest Creation green
Mirror Says Gaze on GODs Greatest Creation.
Wooden Hair Mirror sm
Wooden Hair Mirror hangs on wall.
Aunt Mirror acroynm
TEDDEEZ Turn Me Around Mirror describes your aunt and reminds her of you...
All mirrors hang on the wall and are 10 1/2h x 7 1/4w Each mirror comes with a beautiful gift box for your convenience.