Single Sided

Single Sided
Ankh Wings
Product ID : H1190030
This beauty has beautiful gold wings all over.
Black RBG Africa
Product ID : H1090028
Black RBG Africa is a wonderful addition to any environment.
Copper Circles n Squares
Product ID : H1190148
Product ID : H1090012
Product ID : H1090002
TEDDEEZ Kente Lamp is the perfect cultural gift.
Orange Village Strength
Product ID : H1090019
Beautiful earth tone lamp with symbol for strength.
Purple Ankh lg
Product ID : H1090016
Beautiful glass base adorned with purple African print fabric.
Purple Multicolor Tie Dye
Product ID : H1090013
Beautiful color mix very cheerful look in any room.
White Commemoration
Product ID : H1090003
Adinkra Rams horns represent strength
White Gold Cowrie Flower
Product ID : H1090006
White Black and Gold the perfect combination.
White Prudence
Product ID : H1090001
TEDDEEZ White Prudence Lamp has beauitiful Adinkra crocodile symbol.