10 beautiful polished tumble stones with positive words: LOVE, COMPASSION, DREAM, INSPIRE, RESPECT, BEAUTY, PRAYER, TRUTH, HONOR, FAITH. The definition of a tumble stone: Small pieces of rocks and minerals that have been processed in a rock tumbler to produce smooth, rounded and highly polished pebbles. tumble stones are created by tumble polishing rough crystal pebbles, resulting in a beautiful polish and soft shape. It reveals the natural colors and patterns of crystals. They can be used for crystal healing and meditation, lay on the skin, hold in your hand or carry in your pocket. When you don't know which stone to choose, don't read the info about it, let it choose you.
10 Stones
10 Beautiful colorful inspirational tumbled stones.
Approximately 1" in size, comes mixed various colors and shapes. Choose the set of your preference. Each bag has a mix of various stones. ome may have the same stone but all have 10 different affirmations.